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Course Cost Breakdown

Breakdown of course cost…

While evaluating your options to become a pilot the most frequently asked question is, “what
will it cost?” In order to evaluate cost, there are a few other things you should know about the industry
and Federal Law. Alamo Helicopters is qualified and prepared to take you from a zero-time individual to
an employable and successful professional pilot.

A few things you should know…

  1. In becoming a professional pilot you are making a life change, not just a change of jobs. This is the way you should approach your decision, as an investment to the quality of your life. Flight training should be approached the same as a college education or training at a technical school.
  2. In order to become the pilot you see in your future, (EMS, fire-fighting, ENG, etc.) you will first need to build time and experience as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).
  3. In order to give instruction in a Robinson Helicopter, Federal Regulations require that you have 200 hours of flight time in helicopters, 50 of which must be in a Robinson.
  4. While you are building your 200 hours you will be training for various ratings based on your
    ability and aptitude. Aviation is very much a “building blocks” career, there are steps you will
    take while going through training, and each builds on the last.
  5. It may seem strange that you will be giving instruction as a new pilot, however, all of the theory, regulations, and skills you will be teaching are still fresh in your mind. Many brand new instructors are a better authority on the principles of aviation than seasoned pilots because of this fact. Also because of Alamo Helicopters’ quality of professional instructors, you will receive a deeper understanding and “real world” training that will better prepare you for your career as an instructor. We will provide you with life lessons and insight not available from most other flight schools.
  6. Not only will you need flight instruction in the aircraft, but you will also need classroom instruction to prepare you for your FAA written tests and check rides. Ground instruction will also be offered as part of your course curriculum and is a portion of the total cost.
  7. Additional costs that you can expect but are not directly paid to Alamo are, check rides, medical exams, written tests, and the Robinson Factory Safety School which is required by most insurance companies to instruct in Robinson aircraft.
  8. A direct reflection of the cost of training will be your commitment to your training and the
    program. A person who devotes themselves completely will see the benefits sooner and
    therefore come out ahead in the training program and also the aviation field.

The Steps to take…

  1. Private Pilot Certificate– As a private pilot you are a Federally Licensed pilot. You can fly your
    family around, you can rent an aircraft, and the sky is yours! However, you cannot fly for
    compensation, i.e. you cannot work as a pilot.
  2. Instrument Rating – With an instrument rating you can legally fly through the clouds without an outside reference. Though not required to work as a pilot, many employers do require an
    instrument rating for safety and insurance purposes. Although not mandatory while training at Alamo, it is highly recommended that you get your instrument rating.
  3. Commercial Pilot Certificate– After acquiring your commercial rating you are now legally able to work as a pilot. However, most employers require experience built through flight hours. Also, a commercial rating is required to get your Instructor Certificate.
  4. Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – With your CFI rating you can now provide instruction in a
    helicopter! This is your ticket to success. This is how you will acquire the time and experience
    to take the next step as a professional. (Also a current CFI certificate looks great on your
  5. Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) – With your CFII rating you can provide instruction for applicants acquiring their instrument rating. Also not mandatory, but very desirable to potential employers.

The bottom line…

All of the above-mentioned courses and certificates are offered by Alamo Helicopters. Not only
do we cater to the individual seeking a new path in life, but also to current aviators looking to improve their skill sets or perhaps add a rating to their certificate? Below is a breakdown of course costs based on zero-time pilots, also individual course costs for someone seeking to expand their aviation potential. The aircraft times listed below are the minimums required by the FAA. Because individuals vary you may require more or less time based on ability and certificates acquired. The cost of add-on certificates will vary greatly based on flight hours currently held by applicants. These are only estimates based on averages, designed to help you in evaluating cost, and are not guaranteed. All times are based on the Robinson R22, there will be an additional charge for the R44.

All courses are listed with FAA Minimum Requirements. Please note that most students need between 55-75 hours to obtain a private pilot certificate. Students going through courses other than the private ones can generally expect the cost that is listed. Prices are subject to change, please check with the administration for current prices.

Thank you for considering Alamo Helicopter Tours for your Professional Helicopter Flight Training. If you have any additional questions or concerns or to schedule a Discovery Flight please feel free to call anytime, 210-287-5797.