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About Us

Life is better with a little adventure, and we offer the San Antonio community an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience.

Currently, we have been serving San Antonio since 2007 offering amazing tours of the city, private charters, and flight training for our future pilots.

With Alamo Helicopters, You can take in an exciting and breathtaking view of the Alamo City and the surrounding Hill Country like you never before. We are located just south of downtown San Antonio and have a variety of flights to delight every passenger and fit any budget. Reserve your flight today for an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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Meet the Team

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Wade Amen

Chief Pilot

I started my flight training in the winter of 2005 and completed my training a year later. My first job in aviation was working as a ground instructor as I finished my Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Once I completed my CFI, I began to work as a professional pilot in the city of Houston and then moved back to his hometown, San Antonio, to teach future pilots and fly tours. Wade has been with Alamo Helicopters since and now is Chief Pilot, however, now works as an air medical pilot in Uvalde as well.

One of the awesome experiences that I was fortunate to complete during my years as a commercial pilot was that I was hired to ferry a Robinson R-44 from Houston to Brazil. I flew down the Caribbean chain, Island hopping my way to South America. I flew through the Bermuda Triangle, landed in the Amazon jungle, and flew over the Amazon River. I will never forget the beautiful waters and vacation atmosphere that I incurred while “working”.

My most favorite question while working as a pilot has been, “Your job must be fun”. My normal response is that “ Yes it is, my office has a wonderful view”. I don’t need to put up pictures because I have an awesome panoramic right in front of me.


Jose Corona

Assistant Chief Pilot

When Jose was 4 years old he saw a UH-1(Huey) military helicopter land near his house and decided then that he was going to be a helicopter pilot. Jose began his aviation career in 2006 doing agriculture work and flight instruction. In 2013 he joined the Alamo team instructing and giving tours.

He is a commercial pilot, certified flight instructor, Part 135 charter pilot and Assistant Chief for Alamo Flight Academy. Known for his smile and wit, he is sure to make your experience with Alamo Helicopters very memorable.



Tour Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor

Drew is from Las Cruces, New Mexico and developed a passion for aviation at the age of 15 after flying in a Blackhawk. Drew graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice in 2015, but knew he hadn’t quite fulfilled his dreams. At this point, he knew he wanted to be a pilot. Drew moved to San Antonio and started flight training in 2017 with Alamo Helicopters and never left after completing flight school.

One of Drew’s best experiences as a pilot has been flying over the Mississippi River on a ferry flight to Tennessee. He also enjoys meeting different people from all over the U. S. and other countries while giving tours.

Drew is a certified flight instructor and tour pilot for Alamo Helicopters.