Junior Pilot Corner

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Fun Facts:

Helicopters can fly over 100 mph!

Helicopters can take off and land vertically, hover and fly in different directions.

Search and rescue by helicopter allows for easy access for hard to reach areas.

At Alamo Helicopters we use our helicopters for tours, aerial photography, training, agriculture and much more!

Helicopters can be used to fight fires by carrying tanks or bambi-buckets filled with water.

The first working helicopter is believed to have been the Focke-Wulf Fw 61, first flown in 1936.


Fun Songs:

I’m a Yellow Helicopter

I’m a yellow helicopter

Sitting on the ground.
These are my rotor-blades
Slowly turning round.

Faster now, and faster…
They’re spinning like a top.
Take off…
Turn around
Touch down…

-Brian Thompson


Helicopter Song

Big strong blades
Twirling round and round
Lifting the helicopter
off the ground.

Up, down, forward, backward
Sideways too.

There’s so much good a
Helicopter can do!

-Sesame Street


DSC06057We love to hear from our Junior Pilots!

What is your favorite type of helicopter?

Did you enjoy your tour with us? Please tell us what you loved about it!

Send us your drawings and we will post them on this page!

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