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Helicopter Flight Training – San Antonio

Pay As You Go:

We offer a pay as you go pilot program if you are just interested in obtaining helicopter training.

Course Cost Breakdown


Start Now with an Introductory Flight:

We offer discovery flights to find out if this is something you would love doing or as a gift for someone who has always wanted to fly a helicopter. Price includes ground school time and actual air time in Helicopter with you taking controls.

Taking an introductory flight is an incredible experience. We want you to get the feeling for how exciting being a helicopter pilot is and to get a good sense of the challenge that is in store. One of Alamo Helicopter’s Certified Flight Instructors will go over how the helicopter works and how to control it. Then you and the Flight Instructor will take off. Over the course of the next half hour you will experience takeoffs, straight and level flight, hovering,landing and an amazing view. Not only will you land with a much more clear concept of what it means to be fly helicopters but will have flown one! We are available 7 days a week to take you for your first flight.


How to get started

Come and take an Introductory flight and see what becoming a pilot is all about. Next you will need to obtain a FAA Medical Certificate. We will refer you to an FAA Approved Medical Examiner in your area. Some of the areas they will test are: checking that your vision is correctable to 20/20, that you have good hearing and that you have no medical problems that would hinder your ability to safely pilot an aircraft. If you have specific questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

We are available to help you in arranging financing in order to help cover the cost of flight training. Most lending programs require that students have a cosigner for loan applications, decent credit standing, and 2 years of work history. We will help you walk through the lending process as well as offer you the opportunity to take advantage of Federal Financial Aid.

What kind of jobs are available for helicopter pilots?

Career Options

Tours, Air Ambulance (EMS), Electronic News Gathering ( ENG), Agricultural, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Wildlife and Game Counting and Capture, Aerial Photography, Heli Skiing, Corporate Charter, Off Shore Oil Support, Movies and Television, Seismic Oil Exploration, Logging, etc.

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